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Custom Covers

Custom Covers are our Specialty!
ProtecTarps has the ability to custom fabricate covers to your design specifications whether it is for a rocket-ship being transported to Cape Canaveral, or to cover a backyard barbecue island during the Winter!  

We can send a team to measure custom work, which is located near the Los Angeles, Orange County or San Gabriel and San Bernardino areas.  For more distant jobs, we fabricate from your drawings.
While we stock a wide range of waterproof and mesh industrial textiles, we can also order specialty, and custom fabrics in most colors.  Most ProtecTarps covers are sewn, but some specialty fabrics require radio frequency welding, which we can provide.  
Conveniently located in the Los Angeles area, ProtecTarps most often fabricates in our Sun Valley shop.  For the very specialized custom work, we have mobile equipment and can send a sewing team to fabricate onsite. 


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