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Asphalt Tarps

Asphalt Tarps, unlike other covers, need to withstand the high temperature of hot asphalt. ProtecTARPS, Inc. only manufactures asphalt tarps out of durable nylon pack cloth, which is able to withstand 400

 degrees Fahrenheit. These tarps resist melting or sticking to the asphalt and are lightweight and easy for the owner-operator to handle. The dump-truck cross-bar pocket is reinforced to give ProtecTARPS Asphalt Tarps a long and useful life.

The law requires that all Super 10s carrying loads of asphalt be covered.  ProtecTarps manufactures its asphalt tarps with both kinds of auto-tarp system attachments: five evenly spaced #4 brass grommets on the front edge of tarp to screw into the front axle, and with 1/4 inch plastic tubing (Pull Tarp equivalent) to attach through the front axle slot

Coated asphalt side​

Sun or top side

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