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Dump Truck Tarps

We fabricate Dump Truck Tarps all day long! Low Side End Dumps, High Side End Dumps, auto tarps, manual tarps, Super 10's, Dump Truck Tarps are one of our most popular products.  

Dump truck tarps are fabricated with a stout multi-mesh coated polyester textile.  The back pocket is reinforced with 18 oz coated vinyl to provide a long and useful life.  ProtecTARPS manufactures it's dump truck tarps with both attachment options (five evenly spaced grommets and the 1/4 plastic tubing "Pull Tarp-equivalent").

To provide superior fit, ProtecTarps fabricates the tarps so they are 18" longer than the truck trailer and 6" less than the width of the trailer.

The popular Super 10 Auto Dump Truck Tarp size 7'6"x19'6" is stocked on our shelves.  Made out of multi-mesh fabric with a vinyl reinforced rear pocket and 2" of perimeter webbing, the Super 10 tarps sell for $169 each.

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