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Flatbed Truck Tarps

Lumber Tarps

ProtecTarps carries flat-bed tarps in stock.  Lumber Tarp sets are made out of black 16 oz coated vinyl, measuring 24'6" X 27' with an 8' drop and three rows of D-rings and grommets around the perimeter, placed ever 2'.  The tarps are sold in two-tarp sets for $1040, or just one tarp for $520  



We have tarp sets with 6' and 4' drops, and the lighter three-unit Lumber Tarp sets. 

Custom ordered Lumber Tarps made out of nylon pack cloth are also available  These special tarps, while more expensive, are stronger, more durable and lighter weight than 16 oz vinyl.  To order a custom made cover, contact us by phone with your specifications.  We require a 50% deposit on all custom covers.

Sod Tarps

Sod Tarps provide the protection, strength and water resistance to keep recently harvested sod moist and alive while in transit.  ProtecTarps manufactures Sod Tarps to each farm's specifications.  Sod Tarps are made out of green treated Cordura fabric.  The covers are reinforced with 2" webbing around the perimeter and #4 brass grommets placed every 2' for easy attachment.

Steel Tarps

ProtecTarps carries heavy duty Steel Tarps made out of 16 oz black vinyl, size 16'x24'.  These flat bed tarps have two rows of D-rings on all four sides. The Steel Tarps retail for $420.

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