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Poly Tarps

Construction Tarps

Medium Duty Construction Tarps

Bulldog - 4.8 oz Laminate imported from China

ProtecTARPS has a wide variety of medium-duty construction tarps which are useful for short-term protection.  Manufactured oversees, these 4.8  oz per square yard “Bulldog” tarps are waterproof and twice as strong as blue poly tarps. They are UV treated and have molded reinforced corner patches and grommets every 18". They come in gray and white, and silver and black combinations.



Light Duty Poly Tarps
Blue Poly - 2.3 oz Laminate imported from China

Light weight, light duty poly tarps are useful for short-term protection from the rain.  Manufactured oversees, poly tarps come in a variety of sizes and in many colors.  Call for pricing and availability.
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