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Customer Service

At ProtecTARPS Inc., we aim to satisfy our customer's tarping needs by matching the right product and fabric to your application.  While our tarps provide excellent fit and durability, we cannot guarantee against inclement weather, incorrect tarping attachment, or general wear and tear over time.   You can reach our Customer Service Department calling (818) 771-1211 or by emailing

Privacy Notice
Your privacy, and the privacy of all users of ProtecTARPS Inc., is important to us. Accordingly, we have adopted the following privacy policy. Our policy is based on the principles of notice, choice, access and security in the collection and use of all information regarding our users and their activities at our site. Please review this policy each time you use the site as it is subject to change at any time by ProtecTARPS Inc. without notice to you.
Warranty Information
ProtecTARPS Inc. promises to replace a defective tarp within thirty (30) days of purchase if defective in materials or workmanship. This limited warranty does not cover damage due to neglect, wind, snow, fire, misuse or any act of God, nor does this limited warranty cover damage resulting from the tarp not having been securely fastened down nor from improper installation. ProtecTARPS Inc. makes no other warranty and the remedy of replacement is the exclusive remedy. ProtecTARPS Inc. is not liable for indirect, incidental or consequential damages in connection with the use of the tarp, including any cost or expense of providing substitute equipment or service during periods of non-use. Any defective tarp must be sent, shipping pre-paid, to ProtecTARPS Inc., attention Warranty Department, 11176 Penrose St., #10, Sun Valley California, 91352.
Exclusion of Warranties
ProtecTARPS Inc. makes no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Specifically, the Warranty of Merchantability and the Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose are Excluded. The only WARRANTY which is made by ProtecTARPS Inc. is our "THIRTY DAY LIMITED WARRANTY."
Cookie policy notice
This policy tells you, among other things, what information we gather from you, how we may use or disclose that information, and our efforts to protect it. Please read this policy carefully, and feel free to contact us at if you have any questions regarding its contents.

Types of Information Collected
In connection with your use of our site, we ask for and may collect a variety of information from and about you in different ways. For example, our Web forms ask for your and/or your business' name, address, email address and other identifying contact data. In addition, when orders are placed, we collect billing and shipping information.
Use of Information
We use your personally identifying information to identify you as a user of the site and to assist and speed the completion of transactions on the site. We may use your email address to contact you directly regarding services or products that we believe may be of interest to you. We may also associate your personally identifying information with information we collect about your preferences and activities at the site, such as the particular pages you request at the site and purchases or other transactions you effect through the site. We may vary the content you receive in future visits to the site based on your preferences and activities.
We may combine your personally identifying information, and information about your preferences and activities, with those of all or a particular group of our users to prepare collective profiles of our users and their activities. For example, we may track the number of our users who view certain pages or use certain features or compile the total dollar amount of sales conducted through our site in a particular geographic region. Such information, and other information we derive from individual users' information, allows us to continue to grow and provide you with quality fellow users through more accurate marketing and advertising of our Web site.
Third Party Disclosure
The personal information you have provided us and information about your order may be shared with third parties. This information may be combined with other personally identifiable information (such as demographic information and past purchase information) available from our records and other sources. This information will be used to make our future marketing efforts more efficient. If you prefer we do not share your name and address with marketing partners, please email us at
Disclosure of Information
We may provide your personally identifying information, and information about your activities and preferences, to other companies wishing to contact you about products or services, but only to those that we believe impose reasonable safeguards on the privacy of your information. We may provide other companies with collective profiles of our user groups and their activities and preferences. Such collective profiles may also be disclosed in describing our site and services to prospective partners, advertisers and other third parties, and for other lawful purposes.
WE WILL NEVER provide them any information about your credit cards.
Finally, we may disclose information to fulfill certain legal and regulatory requirements or if we believe, in good faith, that such disclosure is legally required or necessary to protect others' rights or to prevent harm.
You may choose to restrict our use of your information to maintaining your account on the site, or prohibit our disclosure of your information to others, by contacting us and directing us to impose such limits. For example, if requested, we will not provide your information to any third parties, regardless of the steps they may take to protect such information. If you do not wish us to provide your information to third parties, or otherwise wish us to restrict the use or disclosure of your information, please email us at

When we process transactions, we use industry-standard encryption methods to transmit your personal information from your computer to ours across the Internet, and we restrict access to any transactional portions of our site to computers running web browsers that support Secure Socket Layer ("SSL") protocol. To use this protection technology, you need to have an SSL-capable browser, such as Netscape Navigator 4.5 or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 or higher.
Regardless of the precautions taken by you or by us, "perfect security" does not exist on the Internet. We cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us, and you transmit such information at your own risk.

Special Policy on Information Regarding Children (persons under 13 years of age)
ProtecTARPS Inc. is not directed to children, and ProtecTARPS Inc. does not knowingly collect any personal information from children.
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