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Transfer Trailer Tarps

ProtecTarps manufactures Transfer Trailer Tarps, two-piece sets, out of strong multi-mesh, 1000 denier coated nylon.  

The front DumpTruck Tarp back pocket is reinforced with 18 oz coated vinyl to provide a long and useful life.  Customers can choose the attachment option for their specific truck.  Most common attachments are five evenly spaced grommets, or the 1/4 plastic tubing "Pull Tarp-equivalent," or a pocket attached with velcro.

The back Trailer Hand Tarp is reinforced with 18 oz vinyl in the corners and two-inch poly pro webbing around the perimeter.  Brass ​number four grommets placed every three feet provide ample attachment options.
Buy the set of two, or each tarp independently.
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