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ProtecTarps Inc. is a dealer of portable, easy-to-assemble buildings.  The prepackaged boxes contain directions to assemble the structure and the protective covering. We have a wide selection of sizes, shapes and colors for the portable garages, party tents, green houses and larger portable buildings to house boats, RVs, farm equipment and aircraft parts. Our lead time is 7 to 10 business days from the day you order to get your do-it-yourself portable building.


ProtecTarps has a portable garage - peaked roof design, size 12'Wx20'Lx8'H in the color tan in inventory now, on sale for $799.  (Avoid the shipping cost if you pick it up!)  Call 818-771-1211 and we will email you building specifications right away.





High-quality asphalt tarps for efficient and reliable pavement protection and transportation. Durable and weather-resistant tarps for construction and road maintenance. Find the best asphalt tarps for your needs at competitive prices.
Need to cover something from the heat of the sun or harsh UV rays at a good price?
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